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Review: The Foot Book

A great book

(September 27 at 5:24pm)

For young children

Review: Sonicare FlexCare Toothbrush, Rechargeable Sonic, Advanced Cleaning,

Good toothbrush

(June 23 at 11:31am)

It is good, but a little expensive. Not kids friendly, too tickling. Will look one for children.

Elaine added a Photo (May 8 at 9:04pm)
Elaine Seven Village Valley(Tibet mountain) in Sichuan Province, China (May 8 at 9:05pm)
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Elaine Life should be like this. (January 13 at 9:52pm)

Have some happy time

Elaine Looking for DVD player (January 8 at 4:02pm)

Review: Who Was Ben Franklin?

Great series

(December 9 at 9:31pm)

Finally bought 10 of those "Who Was ... Books" from B&N through JoeShopping. B&N has the better selections than Walmart and slighter better price than Amazon at the time being. My son can finally have a sound sleep after knowing the books will arrive after a few days. He loves reading. They are studying nonfictional books at school. Hope those books can help.

Elaine Looking for the best deals of 'who was...'. Great books for 8 year old. My son wants 10+ of them. (December 9 at 10:32am)
Adam Oh, these are neat! I should get some of these for my nieces. (December 9 at 10:38am)
Andrew I"m going to have to check these out. My 7 year old may like these. (December 9 at 10:48am)
SuzyQ I like these! (December 9 at 12:31pm)
Elaine Watched Hub's Pictureka game show with family, kids love it (December 5 at 9:37pm)
Elaine How to get to the show or any other family show even as an audience in Metro NY? (December 5 at 9:46pm)
Jeff It looks like Pictureka films in California. I can't think of any kids shows that film in NY. (December 5 at 11:28pm)
Elaine Awesome toy for boy 5 and up (November 29 at 1:59pm)
Andrew Awesome for the boys, not the adults. You ever try putting those things together, Elaine!?! (November 29 at 2:22pm)
Elaine We bought at ToyRUs w/ 39.99. I just found Amazon is selling for 29.99 w/ free shipping. I watched my 8 year old demonstrate assembling it and playing with it. My 5 year old was so amused by it too and he wanted to have another one so they can battle. This is a Christmas present unwrapped too early. I am watching on the site to see if any of the stores offers the best price so I can buy one for my younger son. (November 29 at 2:35pm)