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Narayanpet Sarees

Narayanpet Sarees

tiarasimonejohnson » JoeShopping can new prizes be added or can we at least be able to purchase a prize more then once? (August 5 at 5:57pm)
tiarasimonejohnson » JoeShopping I was also wondering about the referral program. Many sites like yours have their program set to when you refer someone you earn a percentage of their earnings. i would love to have this feature added to the site. (July 16 at 10:55am)
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JoeShopping Happy Father's Day! (June 17 at 9:04am)
JoeShopping We've made some changes/improvements to our Hot Deals section. The top navigation is easier/faster now, and we've increased speed overall for Hot Deals. Let us know if you have any issues! (May 4 at 11:21am)
SayantaniCh » JoeShopping Hi, I have received your Hello Kitty Watch. It was broken !! (April 29 at 8:37pm)

  This summer, one of this year's most anticipated movies, The Amazing Spider-Man, hits theaters. This time, the comic-based action flick gets a makeover, with a fresh storyline, cast, and crew. The movie stars Andrew Garfield (The Social Network) as Peter Parker, Emma Stone (Easy A, The Help) as Spider-Man's new love interest, Gwen Stacy, and Rhys Ifans as Spider-Man's lizardy nemesis. To celebrate, OPI will be launching seven limited edition nail polish shades inspired by the...

JoeShopping wrote the blog post Swimsuits that Sizzle from Kohl's (April 19 at 10:15am)

With spring in full gear and summer quickly on the way, I've been eyeing swimsuits every time I walk into a store. One of my favorite places to go for swimwear is Kohl's. Okay, let's be honest, Kohl's is one of my favorite places to go for anything! They have such a wide variety of clothing, jewelry and shoes. Plus, they are always having a great sale or offering cash back for shopping. What can be better than getting paid to shop? Not much, I tell you, not much.  The other day I...

DaveB The smaller lady areas comment cracked me up! Great post... (April 19 at 3:00pm)
mackeymadness Haha, it's trueee! : ) Thanks! (April 19 at 7:37pm)
JoeShopping wrote the blog post The Miche Bag - Customizable Purses (April 18 at 10:32am)

Ever heard of a Miche Bag? If you're like me, you like to be able to switch up your purses all of thetime. It's hard trying to match several different outfits to one purse, unless you go with the basics. A basic purse is not as much fun though, now is it? That's where the Miche Bag comes in. The Miche Bag is a bag that allows you to never have to switch purses again. All of your essentials are in one spot and you never have to switch your accessories in and out of several different...

mackeymadness This is a little bit crazy and a lot of awesome!! I have never seen this before. Great post, Sierra! (April 19 at 7:39pm)
JoeShopping wrote the blog post 30 Online Stores That Offer Free Return Shipping (April 16 at 9:44am)

Buying online has its advantages. You can skip the traffic, long lines, cranky sales people, and those pesky shoppers who browse the sales rack alongside you like it's a competitive sport. At home, you can take a more relaxed approach, save on gas, and even compare prices at multiple stores. Plus, there's that whole shopping in your underwear thing (come on, we can't be the only ones). The biggest drawback, though, is having to return an item you purchased online.

Sending an...

abkardon4 This is an awesome list!!! Go Joe Shopping!! (April 16 at 10:34am)
dogsrock I agree, fantastic and super helpful list! (April 16 at 10:37am)
JoeShopping Thanks, guys. It was a true beast to put together, but definitely was worth doing! (April 16 at 11:49am)
mackeymadness So great to know!! Thanks JoeShopping!! (April 19 at 7:40pm)
JoeShopping wrote the blog post Step Into Something Stylish (April 13 at 11:51am)

There is something about the changing of seasons that necessitates new footwear, whether it's fall to winter or winter to spring. With spring and summer coming up, it's the perfect time to update your shoe wardrobe with sandals, wedges and peep toe heels. Pretty weather practically begs for cute shoes!   Target is one of my favorite places to shop for shoes because they are extremely affordable and have tons of options. They have several brands that are always coming up with bright...

JoeShopping wrote the blog post Barbie's Entering The Hunger Games (April 12 at 11:02am)

Unless you've been living under a rock (a la Patrick the Starfish), you've got to be aware of Katniss Everdeen and her hunt for survival in Hollywood's latest blockbuster The Hunger Games. We even wrote our own version of the Games recently with 12 Stores We'd Like to See Compete in the Hunger Games. Well, soon you'll be able to bring young Katniss home to your Barbie collection. And let's just say... Ken's in for the shock of his life. Coming this August, Mattel will be offering a...

JoeShopping We just love this T-shirt for the new Hobbit Movie coming out later this year! (April 10 at 2:13pm)

The Hobbit

First official T-shirt

JoeShopping wrote the blog post Find a Perfect Purse for the Springtime (April 10 at 10:12am)

I've always loved a good handbag. Matter of fact I love handbags as much as my mom loves collecting pillows. A purse that holds all of my accessories and has enough space for a book or sweater is my favorite, but the smaller bags are sometimes fun too. I also love a handbag that has personality. Usually something unique about it makes me want it all the more. I'm talking about soft leather, pretty detailing such as jewels or sequins, and other fun elements. During the springtime is the best...

abkardon4 The Juicy bad looks like a lot of fun! I will have to find a knock-off!! (April 10 at 10:22am)
mackeymadness I love the Juicy bag! So fun for Spring! (April 10 at 11:43am)
JoeShopping wrote the blog post This Week's Grocery Coupon Highlights - 4/9/12 (April 9 at 12:46pm)

Get a hop on your grocery shopping with brand new offers from our Printable Coupons. This week, choose from buy one, get one deals and dozens of other printable and e-coupons that will save you up to $3 off your purchase!   Here's a look at our top 10 freshest coupons!
    PRINT & SAVE ON THESE PRODUCTS NOW!                                       ...

shameersalim » JoeShopping How do I write a blog here in ? (April 6 at 12:17pm)
JoeShopping wrote the blog post Scents to Make You Swoon (April 5 at 8:30am)

If there is one thing that I love, it is perfume. Honestly, who doesn't love to smell good? (Hopefully no one...that might be weird) : ) Male or female, scent is one of the first things that people notice when they are around you. More than likely, we all want that to be pleasant.  There are SO many perfumes/colognes out there that sometimes it can be hard to find that "perfect" scent for your body. I am a firm believer in the fact that scents smell differently on different people. I...

JoeShopping wrote the blog post Falling for Free People (April 4 at 10:23am)

Free People is one of my favorite brand names. Yes, I know I'm stealing my own Pinterest board name for this Free People post (i.e. the title of this post), but I honestly think you should fall for Free People too! From their gypsy like styling to their casual pullovers, Free People always exceeds my expecations in fashion. Even though they are a bit pricey their clothing is durable, comfy, and very trendy. A few years ago I owned only one tank top from this brand name. Now I own...

abkardon4 I usually don't like lace but that dress is beautiful!I will go check it out. Thanks! (April 5 at 9:31am)
Jill Cute dresses! I like that you could get away with wearing a lot of these during the day or at night (depending on how style them.) It helps justify the price tag. ;) (April 6 at 7:28am)
oceandreams @abkardon4 You're welcome and Free People has a lot of sales at stores like Macy's and Nordstroms if you want to find it on sale since I know it's kind of expensive. :)

@Jill Glad you like Free People - as you can tell I am obsessed. :) It certainly helps when you find it on sale too. I rarely buy this brand name for its full price unless I can't live without it. (April 6 at 4:06pm)
JoeShopping We love that The Body Shop mentioned our "101 Best Stores to Follow on Pinterest" article on their Facebook page! (April 3 at 12:13pm)