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Review: Michael Srulowitz MHS Neck Strap for USB Drives - Brown - STRAPLBR

Always a +

(January 5 at 3:48am)

Always recommend buying if u tend to lose things I always hated losin my flash drives with pics and memories in them :(

Review: Nikon 55-200mm Non-Vibration Reduction Zoom Lens for Nikon DX SLR Cameras

Focused perfect

(January 5 at 3:45am)

when using this lens to focus on difference settings on the camera it always captured at perfect quality ... Always focused perfectly

Review: Nikon Speedlight Unit for Select Nikon Coolpix Digital Cameras with Hot-Shoe

Big difference

(January 5 at 3:40am)

My mom bought my sister this nikon digital camera that I loved in a package this n this head light flash came with it... Made a huge difference in photos captured while using the flash

Review: Baby Trend - Little Lionel Collection Bundle

Great price for bundle

(January 5 at 3:34am)

I saw this at walmart n so wanted to buy it... Theme for my baby room is safari ... N this was a good bundle deal for the price

Kasi41489 Sooooo dont understand how to get pts (January 2 at 11:59pm)
Andrew Just use the site. Write a status update, become friends with someone, write a blog post, write a review, refer some friends, post in the forums, etc. If you click on the points numbers in your MY JOEPOINTS module, it will bring you to your Points Breakdown page and literally break down how you can earn points. (January 3 at 9:28am)
Kasi41489 Ok new to this .... Wide awake n baby kickin like crazy (January 2 at 1:50am)
Andrew I'm hoping your pregnant, otherwise your baby's a soccer player? (January 2 at 9:04am)
Kasi41489 Haha yepperz I have 6 wks left wit this lil guy (January 2 at 12:42pm)
Andrew Woo! That's awesome. Best of luck to you guys! Hope it's a safe and easy labor. :) (January 2 at 12:57pm)
Kasi41489 Yea so do I lol (January 2 at 4:01pm)
Andrew Hah! (January 5 at 9:51am)
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