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Terbear91 Hey everyone, huge huge favor! My friend is trying to win a movie contest role, and Im asking anyone and everyone to help out! Simply go to this link, http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2316253312094&set=o.191018924292079&type=1&ref=nf
Like the Fan page, and then like his photo. If you could PLEASE pass this around, he is so close. One person is ahead of him! (August 16 at 2:34am)
Terbear91 Thank you both!!!! Please pass it on if you can!!! (August 17 at 12:53am)
Terbear91 SO tired. (July 10 at 5:27am)
Terbear91 I need to own everything ever sung by Adele. (April 26 at 2:57am)
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I'm an all time blogger when it comes to everything. So I guess I'll start my blogging here on well Easter. Can't beat that, right? I've been browsing products all day. I am dying to shop, and I will soon, hopefully. Can't beat the amazing deals!

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Love this.
Terbear91 I can't stop watching auction shows... (April 25 at 4:09am)

Review: The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide


(April 17 at 8:50pm)

If you love the Twilight books, you will love this. I personally did, and I'm a twihard. haha

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