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ThanksMailCarrier earned the Friend Magnet badge (October 20 at 4:40pm)
badge You found 25 shopping buddies, and after that other online store said you couldn't! Well, we knew better.
CharityKimball » ThanksMailCarrier thanks for the add:) (June 14 at 5:29pm)
MJshopping » ThanksMailCarrier Welcome to JoeShopping! Let me know if you need any help getting to know the website! (December 15 at 6:11pm)
JoeShopping » ThanksMailCarrier Yay, the MailCarrier made it. :) Welcome to JoeShopping! (December 14 at 1:48pm)
ThanksMailCarrier added a Photo (December 13 at 6:40pm)
SuzyQ that is one cute baby! god bless! (December 13 at 10:23pm)
Andrew I agree! Awesome photo! (December 14 at 1:48pm)
susanb So sweet! (December 14 at 9:03pm)
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