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Whit added the photo Disneyland Pirates (September 13 at 4:01pm)
Whit wrote the blog post Back to School Shopping? Already? (August 12 at 5:59pm)

It seems like only yesterday that I was posting about the pending days of summer and the subsequent shopping for them. It was a time of happiness and innocence. There were smiles and endless laughter. Remember that?

And now we're looking down the barrel of school days, and my parental duties call for new shoes, shirts and backpacks. It's a vicious circle, this clothing a child.

But I make it work.

My kids are pretty cool. They appreciate a good pair of...

Whit There's a big sale at the GAP! I've gone out for worse reasons. (August 12 at 5:25pm)
Whit wrote the blog post Theme Park Survival (July 25 at 2:36pm)

Whether you live near a theme park or you're busting out the Family Truckster for miles of road trip fun, chances are your family will be eating an $8 churro at some point this summer. I want to help.

The key to any successful theme park outing is in being patient and prepared, or as I like to call it, the PP Plan. Which reminds me, if you have small children make them use the restroom before you get in line for anything. You'll thank me.

Being prepared depends somewhat...

Whit Shopping for windows costs a lot more than window shopping. (July 25 at 1:47pm)
Whit wrote the blog post Carmageddon Shopping (July 15 at 4:20pm)

Carmageddon is upon us, so I'm pressed for time. I have a city to flee. However, if you're bunkered down for the weekend then the time for online shopping has never been better. People are trapped in their homes and the internet is on. Assume the position.

I was going to write a post about how you should run out and shop for toilet paper, bottled water, generators and canned goods, but if I had then there may not have been enough left for me, and I need that stuff. Like Gloria...

dreamcatcher LOL love the beer holster! (July 15 at 6:13pm)
Whit Carmageddon it! (July 15 at 3:49pm)
Whit wrote the blog post The Dog Days of Summer (July 6 at 3:32pm)

Regardless of what Florence and the Machines may have told you, the dog days are not over. It's hot outside and I have the air conditioning on to prove it.

And then there are our four-legged friends. It's always dog days when you're a dog, and frankly, they are sick of the negative connotations surrounding the term. Being a dog is a good thing.

We've got two mutts. They are about as smart and sweet as you could ever imagine. Their names are Valentine and Love,...

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Whit Welcome to my dog days. (July 6 at 2:53pm)
Whit wrote the blog post Sunny Days and the Shopping for Them (June 30 at 11:55am)

You may recall an earlier post where I waxed poetic about our move from Seattle to Los Angeles. Well, it's happened. We've moved. And now is the time to turn my waxing from words to surfboards. Also, learning how to surf.

We've lived in the L.A. area before, but after spending the past two years in Seattle we've grown accustomed to a different way of life. For instance, I forgot that cars get hot while sitting in a parking lot. Well played, melted chocolates, well played.

Andrew Congrats on the move! You'll also need plenty of fun car games to play while sitting in what-should-be-illegal amounts of traffic. (June 30 at 12:20pm)
DaveB Living in LA... this type of jar might come in handy: http://scoutcrossing.net/pretentious-jar/ (June 30 at 12:46pm)
Whit @Andrew - This month they're shutting the worst freeway in the history of mankind for an entire weekend. They're calling it Carmageddon and there are warning signs posted as far away as the Oregon/California border. I got here just in time!

@DaveB - That is awesome. You could buy a lot of English tea cookies with the money in that jar. (June 30 at 12:51pm)
Whit I could get used to this. (June 30 at 11:28am)
CharityKimball » Whit have a great day and thank you for the add (June 11 at 11:03am)
Whit I've gone to the birds. (June 8 at 8:15pm)
Whit wrote the blog post How to Raise Penguins Like Mr. Popper (June 8 at 8:13pm)

I was recently invited by 20th Century Fox to a screening of their upcoming movie Mr. Popper's Penguins (in theaters June 17) in Los Angeles, which is a live-action family comedy event starring Jim Carrey, whose chilly relationship with his family heats up after he inherits six adorable, lovable and mischievous penguins. It happens. The whole thing was a lot of fun and I'll be writing more about the film and the experience they provided over at BabyCenter later this week. In the meantime, I...

Andrew I just saw this preview and have to admit it looks pretty cute. Real clever post, by the way! (And good luck with the family...) (June 8 at 9:13pm)
Whit Thanks! Penguins make everything better. (June 9 at 1:08pm)
Whit Will shop for food. (June 6 at 9:29pm)
Andrew Funny because I will eat for food. (June 7 at 9:59am)

So you be liken' the pirates, matey? So does I.

Me wife and I were bein' the guests of Disney at thar special screenin' of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and we was enjoyin' it.

The film may be a bit too harsh for the wee ones, but that be a decision for you to be makin' and ain't a none of me business. I'll let me lads (ages 5 & 7) watch it on the Blu-ray when that time be a comin'.

Is this pirate jargon as hard to read as it is to write?...

Whit Weekend on the horizon! (May 20 at 12:46pm)
dreamcatcher bring it! (May 20 at 5:50pm)
Whit The lawn looks fantastic. (May 13 at 1:04pm)