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blissfulmuse07 Another video done by my boyfriend Bill Nuvo. It's Santa-licious!! Please like, comment and share. :) (December 19 at 9:13pm)
blissfulmuse07 Good morning all! The hit Gangnam dance style done by my boyfriend Bill Nuvo. Please LIKE and SHARE!!! (November 20 at 9:42am)
blissfulmuse07 A nice treat to start off Autumn! (September 29 at 9:50am)

Warm thoughts

Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte

blissfulmuse07 added the photo Sunset (August 4 at 8:56am)
~Even the sun sets in paradise~
blissfulmuse07 I wonder when the new rewards are going to start on Joeshopping...been waiting a while! Sent them a msg but no response. Anyone know? :) (August 3 at 9:47am)
blissfulmuse07 It's going to be 98 degrees here today, yikes!! (June 28 at 7:13am)
blissfulmuse07 A great artist who is getting the word out about domestic violence! Please read my blog and share. =) (June 18 at 7:24pm)
blissfulmuse07 And here's a photo with Penn. :) (June 4 at 2:41pm)
blissfulmuse07 Penn & Teller was great! We even were able to get photos with them after the show. :) (June 4 at 2:37pm)
blissfulmuse07 Looking for a great burger? Come to MotorBurger here in Windsor, Ontario! Read my review here: (May 28 at 11:18am)
blissfulmuse07 Happy Cinqo de Mayo!!

Another great creation by Bill Nuvo! ( ) (May 5 at 6:56am)

Speedy Gonzalez

Speedy chillin' out for Cinqo de Mayo!

blissfulmuse07 Wrath of the Titans was pretty good, really action-packed, wow!!! (May 2 at 7:00am)
blissfulmuse07 Happy May 1st, now if only the weather could start warming up!! (May 1 at 1:16pm)
blissfulmuse07 added the photo Crispy Quinoa patties and veggies (April 29 at 12:44pm)
2 cups cooked quinoa
2 eggs
chop any veggies you like
add herbs/spices of your choice (*love Epicure's herb and garlic for this)
1/2 cup grated cheese (*we like marble cheese best)
1/2 cup bread crumbs

Combine everything but the quinoa in a large bowl and mix well. Fold in the cooked quinoa until it’s fully incorporated and the mixture is even.

Heat a large frying pan, with a drizzle of oil to coat, place on medium high.

Using a spoon and/or your hands, form patties with the quinoa mix and
blissfulmuse07 added the photo Smurf and Smurfette (April 29 at 12:37pm)
My boyfriend is a performer, but he also does awesome balloon art!
dogsrock Wow, those are SO cool! (May 1 at 9:38am)
blissfulmuse07 Keep him in mind next time you need some balloon art done for any occasion!! =) (May 1 at 1:15pm)
JoeShopping Those are great! Does he hit NY anytime? (May 4 at 11:20am)
blissfulmuse07 Unfortunately, no. Just Canada for right now! :) (May 5 at 6:54am)
blissfulmuse07 Check out my review at Windsor Square, on the documentary Peace Out: (April 29 at 12:29pm)
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blissfulmuse07 Are these spendable points too? :) How exciting!! (April 29 at 12:28pm)
blissfulmuse07 Saw Elvis Costello on Saturday night, awesome show!! =) (April 23 at 9:38am)
Andrew Veronica! (April 24 at 11:43am)
blissfulmuse07 Happy Easter/Passover!! (April 6 at 11:37am)