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cpevey Excited to hear who the winners are for the referral contest :) (January 23 at 3:46pm)
cpevey Going to have lunch with my sis and do a 'little' shopping! :) Happy Saturday!!! (January 15 at 12:22pm)
cpevey Enjoying a quiet Friday!! :) (January 14 at 9:45pm)
cpevey Well now the hubs has the sickness. Disinfected house to get rid of any germs. Doing some blogging today :) And as always...deal seeking! lol (January 7 at 4:39pm)
Andrew Ack. Time to fumigate the house and get out! Hope everyone feels better soon. (January 7 at 6:30pm)
cpevey LOL right!! Everyone seems to be well and it seems to be gone!! Thank goodness! Thanks for the get well wishes!! :) (January 14 at 9:44pm)
cpevey added a Photo (January 6 at 5:57pm)
Thats Madyson passed out on our way home from T-day at my Dads - TBone's in the back window :)
Adam So cute! What's "T-day"? (January 6 at 6:06pm)
cpevey LOL Turkey Day or Thanksgiving :) Just shortened it ;) (January 7 at 4:40pm)
Andrew Hah. Go, TBone!!! Love the sweater. :) (January 7 at 6:29pm)
cpevey added a Photo (January 6 at 5:55pm)
Me and 2 of my friends and Faelyn at a party on New Years Eve! :)
cpevey Finally getting my girls and myself over the sickness! Back to the deals!!!! :) (January 6 at 9:52am)
JoeShopping Glad to hear you're getting over it! (January 6 at 10:41am)
cpevey Thanks! Me 2!!! :) (January 6 at 5:54pm)
cpevey Well it's New Years Eve -- have a late babysitter...so I think I will have some fun tonight :) (December 31 at 1:09pm)
rougeponyisland » cpevey Caity its Joe add me (December 29 at 11:42pm)
cpevey :) added (December 31 at 1:08pm)
cpevey Just watched Extreme Couponing and feel the need to start couponing for sure!! lol (December 29 at 9:02pm)
cpevey Going to look for some deals soon.... (December 29 at 12:53pm)
oceandreams Hope you find some amazing deals! (December 29 at 3:53pm)
cpevey thanks! (December 29 at 9:00pm)
cpevey wrote the blog post New Blog (December 29 at 12:52pm)

I've joined a new Blog and Facebook Page called ~The Daily Goodie Bag~. We post deals, coupons, freebies, reviews, and giveaways. Excited to be starting a new page. We are trying to build up our fan and followers so we can get more and better giveaways to offer. There's a referral contest going on right now for $20 in paypal cash. Plus if we reach 200 Blog followers we will be giving a random follower $20 in paypal cash as well. It ends on New Years. Would love for some people to stop by and...

cpevey added a Photo (December 29 at 12:48pm)
Another one of Madyson :)
oceandreams She's SO cute! (December 29 at 3:53pm)
cpevey Thank you!! Sometimes I think she hears that too much LOL :) (December 31 at 1:08pm)
cpevey added a Photo (December 29 at 12:46pm)
Faelyn and my sis on Halloween
cpevey added a Photo (December 29 at 12:45pm)
My Madyson on Halloween
AdalinJane » cpevey Hey Caity add me :) (December 28 at 4:42pm)
cpevey CheckN out the site.... (December 28 at 1:24pm)
cpevey added a Photo (December 28 at 1:21pm)
my girls :)
susanb Very sweet photo! (December 29 at 10:42am)
cpevey Thank you!! They were being super sweet that day! :) (December 31 at 1:09pm)

Review: Panasonic TC-L37U22 37

Panasonic Vierra LCD hdtv

(December 28 at 3:35am)

I have the 42inch version of this tv and it is awesome. The best tv we have owned. Great Picture, easy setup, lots of input connections. Love it!

Review: Crayola 24 Ct. Pan Washable Watercolors --

Washable Watercolors

(December 28 at 12:43am)

My 3 year old loves to paint with these. Easy for her to do...don't have to worry about 'drying out', washable (necessity with a toddler) She loves to paint for hours with these. Great buy!