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fashionalities wrote the blog post Another mommy must-have: Ballet Flats (May 6 at 1:20pm)

Ballet flats used to be my walk to work shoe.  I ONLY wore 2" or higher...but, now that has all changed since becoming a mommy.  But, I've noticed that just because I need to be safe and comfy, doesn't mean I have to leave the style behind.  After receiving an email from my favorite store, Net-a-Porter this morning declaring the ballet flat was the summer essential I decided to share some that were catching my eye on Joeshopping:)  I have to say, Old Navy always seems to...

fashionalities wrote the blog post Wild about Printed Pants (April 29 at 2:22am)

Now that I've purchased my paisley print Resort 2011 pants by Tory Burch all I can think about is how to style my new piece!  I'm so excited if you can't tell:) I've loved the printed pant this entire season and I know not everyone may want to do this...but, it's really caught my eye so I'm going full force. Here are some of the other print pants that have caught my eye: How I plan on styling the print pants: A classic tee or tank is what to use since there is so much going on...

oceandreams I like the fact that these pants look very comfy. I think fashion should be comfortable! (April 29 at 3:41pm)
Adam Despite my best efforts, I do not look very good in printed pants. Ah, well! :P (May 5 at 11:16am)
fashionalities I guess if guys wore printed pants they would be more Hammer pants than anything:) But, I'd love to see it:) You never know... (May 6 at 1:21pm)
fashionalities wrote the blog post Fisherman style must-have: Crochet Sweater (April 21 at 1:42am)

Every time I look up I see these sweaters...I don't even know what to call them besides fisherman sweaters, or I guess crochet sweaters after doing my search tonight...but, I'm ADDICTED!  I want to wear them with everything!  Maxi skirts, over maxi dresses, with my cropped trousers, wide leg jeans...just everything!  It's the best item if you live in an area that has 70's to 80's weather.  Sadly, I am in the hottest location EVER, Arizona so I'll have to wait till I go to...

fashionalities wrote the blog post Orange Crush (April 14 at 12:14am)

Everywhere I look I see ORANGE.  I watched old videos on the Today show and they were screaming all tones of orange.  Then, there are of course the magazines that have orange as one of the top trends for this spring.  Now, that it's officially HOT in Arizona I am scrambling for the trends that I love and orange is at the top.  I want orange nail polish, an orange dress, and an orange bag.  I just need the color everywhere and I think the color is best paired with...

oceandreams Orange really is a fun color! I love knowing that it is going to be a fun trend this coming summer! Cute items. I like the nail polish. (April 14 at 1:31am)
fashionalities wrote the blog post Mommy must-haves (April 7 at 3:32am)

I've noticed that myself and my mommy friends that breast feed have been on the search for the right items to have in our ever-changing lifestyle.  I've really been considering what items I "need" now that I am a mommy and still breast-feeding. The items: *The key is to keep items comfortable, but still be fashionable.  For breast-feeding mothers you also need easy access to your baby’s food.:)  I really haven't seen that many nursing clothes that are cute and...

fashionalities wrote the blog post The perfect shoe for this spring: The wedge (March 31 at 12:46am)

Now that I am a mommy, I've had to trade in the stilettos for flats...but I have to admit.  I am getting a little bored.  So, I've decided it's time for a change and spring brings so many options with wedges that it's the perfect time to jump right in.  There are so many heights for the wedge and they are all pretty much easy to wear when carrying your baby around:)  Plus, the style can take you from casual day to going out at night. Here are a few styles I'm checking out...

oceandreams Ohhh I love wedges! I just purchased my first pair in quite a while actually. They are so comfy and the ones you listed are so cute! (April 5 at 1:13am)
fashionalities wrote the blog post Spring time shopping begins (March 25 at 1:52am)

Now that I am back to Arizona with 70 to 80 degree weather, I am ready to get all of my spring wardrobe together.  I already have a lot of staple items to play with, but there are still some trendy items I need ASAP to give everything I already have a little twist.   NEON madness: I never thought I would engage in this trend, but I have been proven wrong.  I want a neon yellow belt and I am open to playing with other items too.  I don't think you need to go overboard...

oceandreams I really need to invest in some bangles. The ones you mentioned are so stylish! (April 5 at 1:14am)
fashionalities wrote the blog post The perfect pants for mommy's (March 17 at 12:32am)

Now that I am a mommy I have started noticing what other mommy's wear as a reference for what I should wear.  I try to keep up with my pre-mommy style as much as possible.  My biggest thing is not having pants that drag on the floor, but are comfy and still cute.  I really think that cropped pants are the way to go.  Leggings are still a great option, but I think that cropped pants give you a more pulled together, not so casual look without going over the...

fashionalities wrote the blog post The must-have metallic for spring: Rose Gold (March 10 at 1:07am)

Watch out bronze, gold and silver, there is a new metallic in town and I want it for everything!  Rose gold goes with everything you own in your jewelry box and I've been playing with a ton of color combos for how to wear them with my clothes.  So far, I am pairing my rose gold with: peach, camel, lavender, blush, brown, turquoise, and navy blue.  The color is also really great for spring because it goes really well with bronzed, glowing skin.  From head-to-toe you can...

Jill Great blog!! Lots of great suggestions (my favorites are the simple necklace, sandals and lipgloss.) I agree with you, there's something about rose gold that brings out the warmth in your skin and can really compliment a tan perfectly. (March 11 at 11:43pm)
fashionalities wrote the blog post Keeping up with the Kardashians klothes on QVC (March 3 at 1:24am)

I have been ADDICTED to the Kardashian girls style since day 1!  I remember watching the show and wondering where they (Kim, Kourtney and Khloe) shopped.  I LOVED their long blazers (now known as boyfriend blazers), long tanks, leggings and sky high heels. When I first heard about their boutique, DASH I was so excited because I thought I would finally be able to get the look.  But, back then (I know, it wasn't that long ago) their store wasn't online.  Now, the store has...