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jodifur wrote the blog post Welcome To Fall (August 12 at 8:51am)

I know, it is August, but fall is right around the corner, and it is time to think about shopping for fall.  The one thing I love about fall is the fact that I can break out my boots again.  I really love my boots. As much as I enjoy summer, and flip flops and sandals and espadrilles, boots and non-open toed heels are lovely as well.  There is nothing like a wrap dress and a pair of kick #@^%*! boots.   I’ll miss summer.  We have had a lovely summer filled...

jodifur wrote the blog post The Lure Of The Sandal (August 5 at 7:52am)

I have spent the whole summer in an espadrille, practically, that I have forgotten how lovely a simple pair of sandals are.   Like these. Dressed up or dressed or dressed down, a pair of sandals goes with anything.  And while espadrilles says summer 2011, sandals say classic, anytime. I'm not ready to hang up my espadrilles just yet.  I do love them with the wooden heel and the strappy top, but I do not feel that it is a trend that will last forever.  If I was going to...

jodifur wrote the blog post Shoe Turmoil (July 29 at 10:54am)

There are pair of shoes I have been lusting after for months.  I host a regular feature on my personal blog called Shoe Friday, where readers send me pictures of shoes and I post them.  A reader sent me a picture of a pair of shoes she bought, and since then want does not even describe my feelings towards them. Months later, a reader tagged me on my Facebook page, telling me that the shoes were on sale in the Georgetown Boutique of Kate Spade.  And she bought a pair.  And...

oceandreams I love Kade Spade shoes too and sorry about your hubby - hope he finds a new job soon! I really really want a pair of Louboutins someday. But - they are just so expensive!! (August 2 at 7:46pm)
jodifur wrote the blog post Back to School Shoe Shopping (July 22 at 7:20am)

It is not even August yet and already we are talking about back to school shopping.  And the chore I hate more than any other chore is shoe shopping for my son.  He has the hardest to fit feet and we have to go to the one specialty shoe store in DC and wait for about a million and a half years to have his feet sized.  One year I cried because the owner looked at me and said "I don't think I have shoes in the store to fit this child."   Good times.   For those...

oceandreams The summer has just flown by, huh?! Great shoes - I wore similar shoes when I was in High School and they were super comfy. (July 22 at 4:55pm)
dnbuster Yup, I have already started school shopping, my kiddos start back in less than 3 weeks....YIPPIE(sshhhhhh) (July 24 at 2:26am)
jodifur wrote the blog post Affordable Shoes (July 15 at 8:13am)

Last time I wrote about expensive shoes that I lust after.  But I like affordable shoes too.  I just found a great pair of shoes at Old Navy.  They were $10 and I wear them all the time.  They key is to be on the look out at places you normally wouldn't expect to find shoes. $40 for espadrilles?  In pink?  Yes, please. And how about these adorable sandals for $20? $80 for women's work flats may not seem affordable, but $80 for a comfortable shoe you can wear...

jodifur wrote the blog post Shoe Lust (July 1 at 1:54pm)

You ever lust after a pair of shoes?  Just me?  Shoes are so not in my budget right now.  We just bought a car and the last thing I need are shoes.  But I still want shoes.  Especially pretty, expensive shoes that I have no need for.  Like these:   Exactly how many pairs of black pumps can one person have?   Or these?   I actually do not own denim peep toe shoes.  I’m not sure I have a need for denim peep toe shoes, but...

jodifur wrote the blog post Camp Shoes, Part Two, or When Everything is Lost (June 24 at 8:00am)

My son started camp this week, and here is what I learned.  We lose something at camp every single day.  The first day we lost the BRAND NEW PAIR OF CROCS I JUST BOUGHT HIM.  At my son's camp they swim twice a day so they need two swim suits, two towels, two swim shirts, sunscreen, a lunch box, a water bottle, a hat, and pool shoes. Guess if all this has made it home every day?  Go ahead, just guess?  Guess who feels like they live at Target?  Guess who is never...

jodifur wrote the blog post Kids' Shoes For Camp (June 17 at 9:03am)

My 6 year old starts camp next week and his camp has very specific shoes rules.  Closed toes. Closed heels. No Crocs, unless to and from the pool,  No sandals, unless they abide by the rules listed above.   But, it is a million degrees in DC all summer and my kid's feet sweat, and stink.  So I like to find shoes that are closed toe but also breath and he can run around in.     And how about theese, for girls? I know, they are not pink and flowery but...

PamelaBluehsRote I like the Umi's =) Some Crocs are like sneakers now They should be able to ware thoses =) (June 17 at 9:28am)
jodifur wrote the blog post Car vs. Shoes (June 10 at 7:41am)

I am spending the day today car shopping.  While this would excite some people, I am not one of those people.  I don't even like cars, and I don't have any interest in a car payment again.  But my 8 year old VW has bit the dust and I really, really need a car.  So car shopping it is. Do you know what I wish I was shopping for?  Yep, shoes.  Because they are pretty.  And cheaper. But sadly they are not going to get me where I need to go, so car it is....

PamelaBluehsRote » jodifur Happy Sunday! =) (June 5 at 7:41am)
jodifur wrote the blog post Dressing For Summer (June 3 at 8:01am)

I'm taking a break from shoes this week, I know!, to talk dresses.  I really want some fun, summer, and flirty dresses for the summer.  Not work clothes, but casual, lightweight dresses you can wear running around town.  It is has been approximately a million degrees in DC this week, and I want to wear as little clothes as possible.  Or never go outside at all. Maxi dresses are the in style this year, and I do not own one.   Like this one. or, if you prefer...

PamelaBluehsRote like the tribal print!! (June 4 at 9:19am)
strawberrybaby39 Love the top dress. (June 5 at 12:12am)
jodifur wrote the blog post Flip Flops! (May 27 at 9:00am)

It is Memorial Day weekend.  The unofficial start of summer.  And as much as I love shoes, and you all know I love shoes, I have to admit I spend must of the summer in flip flops. No, I don’t wear them to work, but for running errands, or now that my family belongs to our neighborhood pool that is two blocks away and we walk to it, I suspect this summer will be even worse.  Yes, I l know they are on the “What Not To Wear List” but I can’t help...

jodifur wrote the blog post Shoes In Color (May 20 at 9:12am)

I tend to buy shoes in neutrals.  Blacks, browns, nude, grey.  My one exception is red.  I adore red shoes. Nothing makes you feel like a million dollars more than a pair of killer red heels.  Don't believe me?  Try it.   I think I have always stuck to neutral and the occasional print because as much as I love shoes, and I LOVE SHOES, I wasn't quite sure what to do with color.  But I'm over that now. I'd really like to expand my color wardrobe....

jodifur wrote the blog post Let's Talk Espadrilles (May 12 at 9:18pm)

Espadrilles are the HOT shoe for Spring and Summer and you know what?  I do not have any.  I do not know how it is possible for me not to own an entire category of shoe, but I do not.  I must rectify this, NOW. Espadrilles can be cute and casual and comfy, like these denim maryjanes, which I adore. Or dressier, like these wedge sandals.  And I'm not sure I can live another day with red espadrilles.  And no, I'm not being dramatic, at all.

Andrew Those are crazy heels!? They're like Air Jordan's for women. (May 13 at 11:39am)
Andrew » jodifur Happy Birthday, Jodi! Hope you're having a great day. (May 9 at 5:47pm)
DaveB Happy Belated B'Day to ya! (May 10 at 9:44am)

Today is my birthday.  And my birthday always makes me want to shop for myself.  And buy things I really don't need but want, want , want.  What else are birthday's for? Like the Clarisonic Plus.  I have the smaller Mia and it works fine.  But lately I have been thinking I should have bought the more expensive system because of the body brush.  The Kinect-we have a wii and there is nothing wrong with it but have you heard the wii is going away?  So I've...

Andrew Happy Birthday! I vote for the Kinect! (May 9 at 1:23pm)
jodifur My mom bought me birthday shoes! (May 9 at 8:03am)
jodifur wrote the blog post Help Me Pick A Purse (May 6 at 9:49am)

This weekend is not only Mother's Day but also my birthday and I've decided I would like a new Spring/Summer handbag.  So, we are taking a quick break from shoes to discuss another favorite accessory, purses.  My mom is taking my shopping this morning and I have no idea what I want.  I tend to favor Coach bags, but I would be open to something new. I like things that are not too big, but not too small, and I do not have a specific favorite shape.  I'd like something...

Jill I'd go with the lilac Michael Kors bag. It is different and stands out. (May 6 at 10:21am)
jodifur wrote the blog post Still Have Not Shopped For Mother's Day? (May 2 at 8:12am)

Mother's Day is in a week (and if anyone cares, so is my birthday.)  I always find Mothers Day a hard day to shop for.  What does my mom want that she can't buy herself?  Need some ideas?  I am here to help. I love gifts that people would not buy for themselves, but need.  For example, a great little travel handbag.  Every time I go away I think "I want this," but don't have one.   If she loves to cook, I love my Le Creuset cookware and bakeware...

jodifur wrote the blog post Bridal Shoes (April 29 at 10:56am)

It is all about weddings today, because of that very big deal Royal Wedding this morning.  I suspect you heard about it.  I started not caring about it and than got very into it when my 6 year old was up all night sick.  And nothing is on at 4 am anyway.  So I watched the wedding. In honor of the Royal Wedding, let's talk bridal shoes.  When I got married 10 years ago, bridal shoes were all dyeables.  And they were ugly.  Thankfully we have moved beyond...

oceandreams Gorgeous shoes - we were on the same line of thinking. I just did a post on white dresses. ;) (April 29 at 3:39pm)