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MJshopping » spilth How was your thanksgiving? (December 11 at 12:20am)
spilth Having thanksgiving dinner in a few minutes... (November 25 at 2:01pm)
MJshopping save me some mashed potatoes! :] (November 25 at 5:49pm)

Review: The Art of Game Design: A Book of Lenses

Great Book!

(October 8 at 4:43pm)

I've only 100 pages in but I'm already loving this book. It's full of great tools and insight to developing games. I also got the deck of cards with the 100 lenses. Together the two are a great way to think about your own games and how to make them better.

Andrew Is this book very technical or is it more just big picture concepts, like the key things you should thing about when creating a game? And is this video game or board game? (October 8 at 4:49pm)
spilth It's not technical at all and it can apply to computer games or board games

It starts by defining what makes a game a game and goes on to discuss the different piece of a game (experience, theme, player, story, mechanics, etc.) Throughout the book are these "lenses" which give you a short strategy to think about and measure your game with. (October 8 at 4:52pm)
Andrew Your comments right here intrigue more than your actual review. I'd be real curious to take a look at that book when you're done with your project and move on to another one. :) (October 8 at 5:29pm)
spilth added a Photo (October 8 at 4:15pm)
Andrew You need a new pic without the stubble! Where'd you get this one made again? I'm really just testing something and writing you a comment to see if it's fixed. So far sooooooooo good! (October 11 at 3:02pm)
spilth I made it using the site http://faceyourmanga.com/ (October 11 at 3:19pm)
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