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CharityKimball » starwarsfans thanks for adding me:) (June 9 at 7:58pm)
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starwarsfans Going to my step-son's Choir Concert this evening - looking forward to a relaxing night of Christmas music. (December 17 at 1:42pm)
mama2seven Sounds nice! (December 17 at 10:45pm)

Review: Krups Beertender Home Beer-tap System


(December 17 at 1:40pm)

I have one of these - they are simple to use, always keep the beer at the right temperature, they pour easily, and the beer just tastes great. You should know that they only work for the Heineken, Heineken Light and New Castle Draught kegs (5L). Those draught kegs can be found for around $18-20. You also need to have plenty of Beertender tubes on hand whenever you replace a new draught keg.... more

Andrew Nice.... I may need to get me one. (December 17 at 2:38pm)
starwarsfans Wow, I am still blown away that I won a Contest on Her Universe. Anyone who wants 20% off and Free Shipping, go get some Star Wars apparel for that special Female in your life. It's at (December 16 at 9:39am)
dreamcatcher congrats! (December 16 at 10:09am)
Andrew Great coupon and nice job winning! What'd you win? (December 16 at 10:21am)
starwarsfans Thanks! I won an Empire Strikes Back Necklace. (December 16 at 10:33am)
Jill Cool! Way to go! (December 16 at 10:38am)
starwarsfans added the video Her Universe Contest Winner! (December 16 at 9:37am)
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Ashley Eckstein announces my name as a winner of an Empire Strikes Back necklace for Her Universe, during the live Forcecast podcast.
Andrew That's awesome! Love that Yoda too. Is your wife going to wear that necklace or are you? :) (December 16 at 10:23am)
starwarsfans I just posted a couple photos from the Star Wars Clone Wars: Savage Opress screening in Philly, that my son and I attended. It was a great time - and it was FREE! (December 10 at 10:22am)

Savage Opress screening

Me, Lucas, and R2.

JoeShopping That is beyond awesome! Your son must've had an insane blast! (December 11 at 8:38am)
starwarsfans added the photo Me, Lucas, and R2-D2 (December 10 at 10:19am)
From the Clone Wars Screening in Philly, inside the Theater. R2-D2 was entertaining us with songs from the Star Wars movies.
oceandreams What a great picture! (December 10 at 1:32pm)
starwarsfans Thanks, my son really enjoyed it. (December 10 at 1:46pm)
oceandreams I bet, I would too if I was a little kid again! (December 10 at 1:51pm)
starwarsfans added the photo Clone Wars Screening - Philly (December 10 at 10:03am)
My son, Lucas, and I went to the Philly Screening of The Clone Wars: Savage Opress. There were several Clone Troopers there and R2-D2(pictured here with Lucas).
JoeShopping Did the R2 unit move around too? (December 11 at 8:39am)
starwarsfans Going to Star Wars Clone Wars Screening in Philly tonight with my son. We are going to find out who this new character, Savage Oppress, really is. (December 9 at 9:57am)
Andrew Awesome! Make sure to dress up and take photos! (December 9 at 10:15am)
starwarsfans Will do! Can't wait! (December 9 at 10:23am)
starwarsfans added the video Lightsaber Duel (December 7 at 11:55am)
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Star Wars meets The Princess Bride - it doesn't get any better than this.
Adam That. Was. AWESOME!!! (December 7 at 3:49pm)
starwarsfans I know - it puts a whole new perspective on it. (December 7 at 4:01pm)
starwarsfans added the photo Star Wars Legos PC Wallpaper (December 7 at 11:09am)
Holiday-themed wallpaper for your PC.
Andrew I soooooooooooo want that Lego Tauntaun. (December 7 at 11:43am)
Andrew » starwarsfans Bought this for my 5 year old and he went crazy using it! (December 7 at 10:41am)
Adam Just as long as he didn't take on Gen. Grievous' persona and vow to "murder the Jedi." (December 7 at 10:46am)
starwarsfans My son, Lucas, will surely be happy to know that Santa may have a General Grievous Lightsaber in his sack this year. I can assure you, he will go "crazy" using it as well. (December 7 at 11:02am)
starwarsfans House is all decorated, Christmas music fills the air, egg nog in my cup, fire in the fireplace...what a wonderful way to shop for Christmas online with! (December 7 at 10:37am)
JoeShopping Well if that ain't ready for prime time, we don't know what is! We'll be sending our camera crew over to your house a.s.a.p. to record our commercial! :) (December 7 at 10:39am)
starwarsfans Ha! Egg Nog for everyone! (December 7 at 10:51am)

Review: Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith #1: Precipice

Star Wars Book for Nook!

(December 1 at 4:40pm)

You can't beat Free, especially when it comes to anything with the Star Wars name on it - only - you have to have a Nook to get this book.

starwarsfans added the video Trans-Siberian Lights Show (December 1 at 11:58am)
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Wizards in Winter
starwarsfans wrote the blog post A tribute to Irvin Kershner (December 1 at 11:16am)

I saw that someone had posted a tribute to Leslie Nielsen, which I really thought was well done.  I also wanted to recognize the work of Director Irvin Kershner.  He directed my Number 1 Favorite movie of all time, The Empire Strikes Back. For me, and millions of other Star Wars fans, this movie was the greatest of all 6 Star Wars films.  It had the right combination of great actors who were directed to pull just the right behavior needed for every single scene, as well as...

Review: The Cages: Pro Style Batting Practice - Pre-Played

Looking for anyone who has played this

(December 1 at 10:12am)

I am contemplating purchasing this game to help my son with practicing in the house over the winter, but I haven't seen 1 review of it. Help, please?

Andrew Never played it but that actually sounds pretty awesome. I may try it out myself! (December 1 at 10:20am)
starwarsfans I hate to be the guinea pig because once you open it, the trade in value is only a few bucks. It has to be reasonably OK, I have just never heard of it, even in marketing or ads. (December 1 at 10:22am)
MeltDownFreeDis How old is your kid? (December 1 at 10:39am)
starwarsfans He's 7. (December 1 at 12:33pm)