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Review: Professor Kobre's Lightscoop, Standard Version Bounce Flash Device for Sony DSLR Cameras

Great picture quality

(March 13 at 1:41am)

I've used my Lightscoop a couple times now and love it. It makes a huge difference in reflecting the light and keeping the harsh shine and shadows off of your subject.

Review: Melissa & Doug Latches Board (6 pc) -

Kept my toddler entertained

(March 13 at 1:29am)

This latch board is great for toddlers- teaches fine motor skills, numbers (1-6), and colors. It has 6 different types of latches or locks for your child to figure out and reveal what's inside. Each one is a different color with a different animal inside. The only downside is the 2nd latch can be somewhat stiff and hard on little fingers to open.

Review: Cosco 31 in. Folding Two Step - Step Stool

Handy Step Stool

(March 12 at 11:37pm)

We use this stool in our kitchen for getting hard to reach items in the cupboard (we're fairly short). It's also perfect for the kids to wash their hands at the sink. And the fact that it folds for easy storage is awesome!

Review: Strawberry Shortcake Toddler Costume

Berry cute!

(March 12 at 11:33pm)

This is an adorable costume- my 3 year old loves it! She uses it for everyday dress up. The only drawback is the material is very thin and after several washings you can see it beginning to wear. The tights actually got a hole in them after 1 wear and they are also slightly long for the size I ordered. Overall I would definitely get this costume again!

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