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Hot Deal: FREE - How to Find Free Christian Books Online [Kindle Edition]
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Free Christian Books Online and Where to Find Them

If you love to read, then you know how expensive this "habit" can be. A paperback book is often $10 or more and a hardback copy can easily cost $20.

However, the rise of eBook popularity is lowering the cost of books. You can buy many Kindle books for $2.99 and under, which is a great deal. Often, authors will also run free promotions on Kindle, Nook or Smashwords to get exposure for their books. And we want to show you exactly where to find these free books.

The best part is that you can read these books without a Kindle or Nook. We'll even show you were to download free apps for your computer, smartphone or tablet to take advantage of these great deals.

Many authors also run giveaways of their print books. This is a great opportunity to build your physical library if you still love holding a print book in your hands as you read. We'll also share with you how to find these book giveaways as well.

In this eBook, you will discover nine different places to find free Christian books online.

Enjoy and happy reading!